BLOR-227 An apparel store clerk who is slender but has a big ass. She drinks a lot, has fun, and is the best! And yet... His sanity collapses due to a big cock. After that, he gets tortured by demons and becomes a white-eyed masochist.

Des:A beautiful lady wearing glasses with a calm atmosphere. She chats with the staff while drinking alcohol. She is cute and intelligent, showing kind consideration to us staff members who are at the lowest end of the conversation, and you will definitely fall in love with her... Ah, but she gets messy when it comes to sex. Be sure to take a look at the sudden transformation as she is tortured by the unparalleled dick, sobbing, screaming, drooling, and cumming with the whites of her eyes peeled off.


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BLOR-227 1.95GB - 2023-11-24
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